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Mentoring Dinners with BYU EMBA & Finance Students 05-27-2015
Event Overview   Dinner with BYU EMBA Students was held on Friday, May 15,..
Regional Conference in Taipei, Taiwan 04-28-2015
On April 24-25, 2015, over 200 business professionals from around Asia joined the BYUMS Regional Conference in Taipei, Taiwan. They found the activity inspiring as they attended sessions taught by the global steering committee and other successful business professionals. It was an eye opener for many as they ..
An Evening with Clayton Christensen 03-15-2015
A thousand people attended this event which was jointly organized with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here are some key points from Dr. Christensen's talk:  Three type..
An Evening with Chet Harmer 11-06-2014
Chet Harmer provided valuable insights to those who attended An Evening with Chet Harmer "What questions do you ask when you are solving operational problems in organizations?" Some highlights of his thoughts are the following. When choosing an operational issue to address it should be: Meaningful  - Important to the Business ..
BYU-Hawaii Career Connect 09-03-2014
We had a great turnout to the BYU-Hawaii Career Connect networking dinner. The students obtained guidance on how to prepare to enter the Hong Kong job market after graduation.  ..